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Bundle's Links

• Video: "Stars & Stripes" by J.T. Wilde

3/14/19, 11:49 AM - YOUTU.BE
<p><strong>Patriot Song Of The Day</strong></p>

• Washington Examiner: Peter Strzok: Clinton, DOJ struck deal that blocked FBI access to Clinton Foundation emails on her private server

<p>Fired FBI agent Peter Strzok told Congress last year that the agency &quot;did not have access&quot; to Clinton Foundation emails that were on Hillary Clinton&#39;s private server because of a consent agreement &quot;negotiated between the Department of Justice attorneys and counsel for Clinton.&quot;</p>

• True Pundit: Obama White House Chief of Staff Colluded With Prosecutor & Chicago Police in Jussie Smollett Probe; Wanted FBI To Take Over Case

3/14/19, 11:43 AM - TRUEPUNDIT.COM

• The Epoch Times: US Prosecutors Probing Facebook’s Data Deals

<p>NEW YORK&mdash;U.S. federal prosecutors are conducting a criminal investigation into data deals Facebook Inc struck with some of ...</p>

• Talking Points Memo: Strzok: ‘There Was No Conspiracy’ At FBI To Stop Trump From Winning Election


• Roll Call: House Republicans join Democrats to demand the full Mueller report from DOJ

3/14/19, 10:58 AM - WWW.ROLLCALL.COM

• Real Clear Politics: College Admissions Scandal Unmasks Hollywood Hypocrisy

<p>This week&rsquo;s announcement of the extraordinary college admissions scandal &mdash; dubbed &ldquo;Operation Varsity Blues&rdquo; by the FBI officials who have been working on the investigation for...</p>

• One America News Network: House Oversight Committee taking no legal action against Michael Cohen

3/14/19, 10:00 AM - WWW.OANN.COM
<p>Breaking News, Latest News and Current News from OANN.com. Breaking news and video. Latest Current News: U.S., World, Entertainment, Health, Business, Technology, Politics, Sports.</p>

• Newsbusters: Nets Ignore Obama's DOJ Telling FBI Not to Charge Hillary With 'Gross Negligence'

3/14/19, 9:54 AM - WWW.NEWSBUSTERS.ORG
<p>Wow, 370 pages of closed-door testimony from an FBI lawyer who alleges the Obama Justice Department told the FBI not to charge Secretary Hillary Clinton for &ldquo;gross negligence?&rdquo; The Democrat-controlled House shutting down the committee charged with investigating possible bias at the DOJ and FBI? Those things sound irresistibly tantalizing for reporters but for the Big Three</p>

• Law & Crime: Andrew Weissmann to Leave Mueller Probe: Report

3/14/19, 9:38 AM - LAWANDCRIME.COM
<p>Andrew Weissmann, whose name is familiar to those who have closely followed criminal cases that have been brought by Mueller&#39;s office, is reportedly on his way</p>

• Independent Review Journal: Senate Poised to Pass Bill Ending Trump Border Emergency; Veto Expected

3/14/19, 9:19 AM - IJR.COM
<p>The U.S. Senate was poised on Thursday to pass a proposal to terminate President Donald Trump&#39;s declaration of an emergency at the southern border, defying his threat to veto the measure and heavy lobbying of his fellow Republicans.</p>

• House: READ: The transcribed interview of Peter Strzok by the Committee on the Judiciary, joint with the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform

<p>READ: The transcribed interview of Peter Strzok by the Committee on the Judiciary, joint with the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.</p>

• Hot Air: Report: ICE finding ways around sanctuary policies

3/14/19, 9:12 AM - HOTAIR.COM
<p>And liberal politicians aren&#39;t happy about it</p>

• Fox News: Lori Loughlin's daughter Olivia Jade was aboard USC official's yacht in Bahamas when mom was charged

3/14/19, 8:37 AM - WWW.FOXNEWS.COM
<p>Lori Loughlin&#39;s daughter Olivia Jade was spending spring break on a USC official&#39;s yacht when her mother was charged Tuesday for her involvement in a college admissions scheme, reports said.</p>

• DC Whispers: REPORT: Hillary Clinton Would Be In Jail Today If Obama DOJ Hadn't Ordered Stand Down On Investigations

3/14/19, 8:27 AM - DCWHISPERS.COM

• Conservative Review: Hillary Clinton received what amounts to a secret pre-pardon from the Obama DOJ

<p>Who will ask Obama why he decided to give Hillary a Get Out of Jail Free card?</p>

• Breitbart: Bruce Ohr Testimony: I Told FBI Chris Steele Was 'Biased,' 'Desperate' to Defeat Trump

3/14/19, 7:52 AM - WWW.BREITBART.COM
<p>Bruce Ohr, a career Justice Department official, admitted in recently released testimony that he informed the FBI that the infamous, largely discredited anti-Trump dossier authored by Christopher Steele was tied to Hillary Clinton&rsquo;s presidential campaign. | Politics</p>

• BPR: Trump: Former Speaker Paul Ryan blocked subpoenas of Democrats that GOP House wanted to investigate


• BBC News: US election 2020: Beto O'Rourke launches presidential bid

3/14/19, 7:40 AM - WWW.BBC.COM
<p>The former Texas congressman joins a growing group of Democrats vying to challenge President Trump.</p>